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Ponds and water features

Trees, shrubs, hedges and borders

The choice of trees, shrubs, hedges and flowers is extremely important when choosing the design of your garden and how you would like it to look as it matures. We take great care to listen to your ideas and offer advice based on your vision.

Aquatic and semi-aquatic plants can create beautiful colours and encourage wildlife to flourish around your water feature or pond. In consultation with you, we will identify the kind of look you want and choose the style and type of feature accordingly.

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Soft landscaping from Duncan Mackintosh Landscapes

At Duncan Mackintosh Landscapes we are renowned for our knowledge and expertise in creating the perfect garden to suit our clients’ individual tastes. We take into account many factors when discussing your landscaping needs including style, texture and dimensions. These factors dictate the types of surfaces, grasses, shrubs and flowers we suggest. Whether you're considering giving your garden a complete make-over or simply want to change the way it looks, at Duncan Mackintosh Landscapes we're happy to help.